Climate and Energy Realists Queensland hold regular meetings on the Gold Coast

Meetings on a monthly basis, usually in the last week at CWA Hall, 43 Ventura Road, Mermaid Waters


Meeting Initiatives

With our new initiative to use Zoom presentations, we endeavour to bring both remote local and international speakers to our corner of the world.

This is combined with connecting to a remote audience to achieve a much wider coverage and interaction with groups and individuals, who might not otherwise have the opportunity to participate in a live presentation. This will be a cutting-edge development and potentially change the face of meeting attendance.

We are particularly interested in linking with large international groups, who like us, are focussed on community outreach. We are now linked to the CO2 Coalition after the presentation by Greg Wrightstone. 

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Recent Meetings

April 2024

March 2024

  • Dr Weston Allen a GP and author of “The Weather Makers Re-Examined”
  • Howard Dewhirst, career geologist discusses “The Tugun Desalination Plant Upgrade Madness?”

February 2024

  • Prof. Valentina Zharkova, University of Northumbria, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK discusses “The Grand Solar Minimum – What’s In Store.”

January 2024

  • All about Energy
  • Rafe Champion writer of “Wind Droughts” and “Tipping Points” and co-author of “Trigger Warming: Everything you always wanted to know about Global Warming (But were afraid to ask)”
  • Brian Warm who runs Energy Bureau discussing the future of coal in Australia.

December 2023

  • MP Colin Boyce – Discusses controversial Renewable Energy developments affecting rural and regional QLD.

October 2023

  • Gregory Wrightstone, Executive Director of CO2 Coalition discusses issues of community outreach and important projects undertaken.

Past Meetings

September 2023

  • Carolyn Emms, President of Rainforest Reserves of Australia and Steven Nowakowski, noted naturalist and videographer discuss the fight to save Chalumbin Rainforest and other remnant bushland areas from Renewable Energy developments.

August 2023

  • Professor Stephen Wilson, “In-depth discussion of nuclear energy in Australia.”

July 2023

  • Viv Forbes – “The history and achievements of Viv Forbes and the Saltbush Club.”

June 2023

  • Darren De Bortoli
  • Professor Arthur Viterito – Correlation between Mid-

Ocean Seismic Activity, Sea

Surface & Global Atmosphere


May 2023

  • Food & Energy
  • Round Table Discussion.

April 2023

  • Andrew Cogar – Current Survey of

– QLD & NSW Coal Mines

CSIRO Climate Report

Carbon Emission Levels in Aust.

– Federal Debt

– Protecting the Environment.

  • Fairley Airey – Legalities of Challenging Policies of Private Contractors in the Renewable Energy Sector.

Past Meetings

March 2023

  • Sea Level Rises? From a Master Mariner’s Viewpoint, Dr. Stuart Ballantyne

February 2023

  • Restoring CO2’s Benefits For The General Public, Kevin Loughrey
  • The Reality Of Energy Sources Available In Australia, Ben Beattie

December 2022

  • ‘The Galileo Of The Lower House’ General Discussion

Colin Boyce – Member For


October 2022

  • A Climate Sceptic’s Career In Politics – Senator Malcolm Roberts

September 2022

  • How The Climate Really Works – Professor Ian Plimer

August 2022

  • Introduction To The Founding Members
  • How I Came To Take This Initiative, Neil Killion – Author, Psychologist &

Organisation Builder.

  • The History Of Climate Alarmism, David Denham – Architect and Public Educator
  • The Truth About CO2 and Net Zero, Howard Dewhirst – Mining Industry Consultant, Researcher and Lecturer.


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